You can choose only one…

Thanks to everyone who tuned into last night’s episode of “One of A Kind”.Which car did you like best?

Have you ever heard of Figoni et Falaschi?  Perhaps not as they are a fairly rare find. They are flamboyant roadsters brought to life by Guiseppi Fignoni primarily in the 1930’s. His style as a coachbuilder is unmistakable…he was obsessed with fighting the wind and drag created around a vehicles tires. So in Fignoni et Falaschi vehicles you’ll see a signature “teardrop” enclosure sloping over the wheels. Frankly, it’s pure auto porn.

What about the Cadillac Pininfarina? That’s not a model that immediately pops to mind from this iconic brand. Pinin Farina was a specialist in building custom models of popular cars for big name buyers. He began his inroads into the US market in 1947 when a Cadillac distributor in LA asked him to design some special models for their Hollywood buyers. He was glad of the chance to make inroads to the largest market in the world. (click here to read more)