One of a Kind Cars peels back the paint, goes under the hood and puts you behind the wheel of singular, factory-built autos.

American classics. Award show stunners. Barnyard finds.  Every car we feature has a story and the design or technological DNA to stand on its own.  Whether it was built to push the limits of speed, optimize fuel-injection, beat Ferrari at their own game or simply to set the standard for future generations – these cars raced, broke records and became icons in their day.  Later many were dismantled and forgotten in garages and lots only to be discovered decades later in ruin.  After meticulous restoration, they live again to tell their stories to a new generation of car enthusiasts.

Utilizing a combination of stunning high definition video, unique archival footage, and expert interviews set to a captivating soundtrack, we’re bringing these cars to life in a way that is absolutely one of a kind.

Produced by super genius, inc.

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  1. I have a 1949 Buick that was originally a Super Sedanette that was allegedly shipped to Europe when new, taken to a coachbuilder somewhere there, and modified into a sleek two door bubble- top coupe. The car was found over there by a US citizen who bought it and brought it back to the States, drove it on the street for at time here in Colorado, and then parked it outside for twenty years, after which it was purchased by another person who in turn stored it outside for another ten years. I bought it from that party in very rough condition and had it built up into a street rod, leaving the original body modifications as they were. It has the look of some of the GM concept cars of that era, although I don’t believe that it was such a vehicle.
    The person who brought it back to the States has passed away, so I can’t ask him where over there he found it, which might at least give me a starting point to begin investigating it’s creation and early history.
    Perhaps you could refer me someone who could help me trace this, or put it on your show, in hopes that someone who’s father, uncle, etc. who took part in it’s creation might recognize it, and help me fill in that part of it’s story.

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